Baltra Island


Baltra Island (Isla Baltra) is a small island of the Galápagos Islands, it has an area of 27 sq. km. Visitors to the Galapagos Archipelago often put their foot here first, as it is home to the main airport, Seymour Airport. The airport was built by the Americans during World War II. This island sits just 1 km off the northern coast of Isla Santa Cruz and has no real tourist attractions besides some shops for last minute gifts. Nevertheless if you have a little bit of time you might want to leave the airport and explore its surroundings and look out for the local Land Iguanas.

Access to Santa Cruz Island is across the Itabaca Channel. The island serves as a small navy base for Ecuador. There are no visitor sites or accommodations, but both public and private transportation from the airport to Puerto Ayora is available. Those on a prearranged tour are often met by their guide at the airport. From here you will be taken to your boat or start the first excursion on Santa Cruz. Many cruises start from the tiny harbor in Baltra.

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