FAQ - Galapagos

The best way to travel to the Galapagos Islands is by plane and then take a cruise in the Galapagos Islands through which you can discover many uninhabited islands. In Galapagos Cruises Ec. we have more than 100 certified cruises to enrich the experience of our customers. You can choose between tours and cruises of tourist category, superior tourist or first-class tours in the Galapagos.

A cruise to Galapagos costs between USD $1800 to USD $2300 as a base in tourist category for 4 days, if you are looking for more complete options you can choose a superior category for over USD $2300 and if you are looking for a first class experience you can find first class Galapagos tours between USD $5300 and up. Our specialists can advise you quickly so you know which Galapagos tour or cruise suits your requirements.

You have to take a bus from Baltra airport to Itabaca channel, then take a water taxi to cross the channel, and once there, you have to take a taxi to Puerto Ayora.

Quito to Islands takes roughly 2 and 30 minutes (stop in Guayaquil). Guayaquil to the Islands takes roughly 2 and 30 minutes

  1. Passport (original)
  2. Ecuadorian Visa (depending on your nationality)
  3. Entrance fee to Galapagos National Park ($100 foreigners; $6 Ecuadorian citizens)
  4. Transit Control Card ($20)

You can go to Galapagos every month of the year, but our travelers recommend tours in Galapagos between December and May because the weather conditions are more favorable and you can enjoy all the activities available.

Local time in Galapagos is GMT -6 (one hour less than Ecuador’s mainland).

Comfortable breathable clothes: shorts, T-shirts, swimsuits and good hiking shoes are required to walk over the lava rock paths. Personal medication, a good camera and plenty of memory cards or film, sun block, sunglasses, a wide brim hat and binoculars.

The Galapagos are classified as desert islands. There are two seasons: a warm wet season from January to June, and a cool dry season, from July to December. Seas are roughest in August and September. As altitude increases on the islands, air temperatures fall and precipitation increases. Even in the warm wet season there is very little rain in the coastal areas. During a normal year, temperatures at sea level range between 15C° (59F°) and 29C° (84.2F°).

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